N I C O L A S   S A G E

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N I C O L A S   S A G E

Nicolas Sage is a French painter and printmaker based in Paris.

After graduating from a school of architecture where he learned painting and etching, he opened his studio in the heart of the city in order to pratice full-time.

His production ranges from landscapes in oil, painted either in plein-air or in his studio, to ink drawings, portraits in gouache and monotypes on toned paper.
To him everything can be a subject, it is only a matter of finding a composition of forms and colors which are pleasing to the eye, while retaining a realistic and figurative approach. 

His work has been shown mainly in Paris and London.

If you are interested in acquiring a piece, please reach out to gallery Documents 15.

Feel free to use the contacts underneath if you have any questions.

Contact :

︎ nicolassage
︎ nicolas.sage@gmail.com